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Draco Studios

Dodos Riding Dinos (Deluxe Edition)

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Not only do you get free shipping when you order this game from us, but we will also give you a FREE STL with every purchase. Order now and receive the Dodosaurus Eggthrone STL, worth $10 for you to print and paint!

 “This is the BEST game of this genre”
—Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

Players: 1-6 | Ages: 14+ | Time: 20 min


Take your place at the starting line with this award winning dexterity racing game for 1-6 players. Dodos Riding Dinos is part of the Creature Kindgdoms range and shares the same universe as War for Chicken Island and Kiwi Chow Down.

Featuring characterful and wacky miniatures Dodos Riding Dinos is a fun game for all the family. The first print run was so successful we have now sold out, but you can pre-order now for the reprint arriving from August.

 The deluxe game includes:

  • 12 racer miniatures
  • 12 dino meeples
  • 12 cards with player powers (standard "poker" size)
  • 63 movement cards (mini euro size)
  • 12 power-up cards for cup mode (mini euro size)
  • 2 oversized custom dice
  • 2 double sided boards (4 tracks)
  • 5 projectile tokens
  • 1 first player dodo token
  • 1 rulebook with standard mode, cup mode, and derby mode


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